Let me take you into the magical world of bears!

As my last name suggests I love bears, I especially love grizzly bears although brown bears are lovable too. My spirit animal is the bear, it provides strength and protection over me and my loved ones.

Spirit Bear By Christina Cherry

The bear symbolises several traits. These include:

  • Support, strength and confidence
  • Standing against adversity, taking action and leadership
  • Healing oneself and using healing skills to help others
  • Emphasis of importance of rest, quiet time and looking after oneself
  • Strong grounding force connecting one to mother nature

In my life, my passion is to empower people, helping to bring out their inner bear traits. Whether it be, empowering therapists with their technology and WordPress websites or, in a learning environment, empowering young people, I bring together all my knowledge and experience mixed with a large amount of intuition and common sense.

My qualifications include:

  • BA Educational Studies (2/2) – Middlesex University
  • Safeguarding course & STEPS Course – SNAP/MENCAP
  • Life Coaching Skills – The UK College of Life Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching course – The Chrysalis Effect
  • Rule No. One Mum has fun (Childcare Methodology) – Nicole Mackenzie
  • Natural Mindfulness for Children – Cotswold Natural Mindfulness
  • Introduction to Bushcraft and Survival – Polaris
  • Self relaxation – Oakland’s College
  • Forest School leader (Apr 2017 – Oct 2018) – Down the woods
  • First Aid Outdoors – First Aid Academy

My experience includes:

  • Running companies including IT consultancy and self employed
  • WordPress development
  • Coaching IT skills
  • Running outdoor activities including children’s fun sessions and women’s retreats
  • Teaching IT in mainstream
  • Teaching and teacher assisting in SEND schools
  • Teaching and teacher assisting in PRUs (Pupil Referral Units)
  • Providing alternative therapies including life coaching and healing
  • Writing children’s short stories and creating learning activities related to them